Wednesday 13 February 2013

Winter waves

On the Mediterranean coast the wind has been winter's trade mark element, howling round the houses, wrenching tiles from roofs, sculpting the dunes, polishing the sky and combing  wave crests in to high bouffant quiffs. After years of observing the show, patterns emerge, familiar waves types particular, I suppose, to all shores with generally tideless waters, shallow sandy bottoms and limited fetch.

But what never ceases to fascinate is that for all the similarities no two waves are ever the same. Herein seems to lie the key to some profound reflection on life and the universe but due to feeble intellectual powers it remains forever just out of reach.


boatwithnoname said...

Great to see you blogging again! I trust you wont be too busy to take to the water again soon.

Unknown said...

Fantàstiques fotos, Ben. És un luxe poder viure davant del mar i contemplar-lo en aquests moments més íntims, quan sembla que les onades només trenquin per tu.

Content de llegir-te novament!

Ben said...

Hola Joan, I tant que és un luxe tenir el mar aquí tot per mi en aquests dies d'hivern. Després ve el estiu, i clar, no és el mateix, però tampoc ho canviaria per la ciutat o la montana. Records!