Thursday 6 November 2008


Spain’s apparent death wish is to grind its mountains to dust, add water and bury its self under the resulting cement. Unstoppable development and construction have led to new roads and with the swathes of blacktop have come roundabouts. That nobody knows how to use them is beside the point, though the fact that the inside lane is more often used for overtaking on otherwise congested roads makes roundabouts dangerous places to let your attention wander.

Coastal towns, however, with an unintentionally ironic gesture towards their maritime past, have taken to decorating their roundabouts with the remains of the Catalan boatbuilding industry.

Reflecting on the progress that fills the beaches with people in summer and relegates its maritime icons to traffic islands where they quietly rot among indifference and exhaust fumes I snapped away. Putting my life in more danger than I do going to sea in Onawind Blue I attempted to make an interesting composition but alas, even a beautiful boat cannot relieve the stark ugliness of a roundabout against a backdrop of coastal architecture.

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