Monday 3 November 2008

Rough weather

Listening to the wind all night I expected to see enormous waves at first light but the sea was pinned down under by the weight of a force 7 or 8. Choking with rage it spat great gobs of yellowed foam up the beach. I leant into the blow in the early morning light and looked over heaps of confused white water to the where a smudge of rain erased the horizon.

This area hasn’t seen winds from the south hitting gale force in years and the effects combined with heavy rains were bound to be dramatic. Salou, where OB and I spent a night in March, registered a small tornado with winds of 160kmph, trees down, a sports pavilion destroyed and caravans flipped over in a campsite as well as severe flooding.

When the wind let up the unleashed sea rose, pouring through the gaps in the dunes to pile weed and sand in the streets. The salt and water laden air made photography impossible for most of the day but I managed to get a few pics as the wind and sun shifted west.

Though by then the sea had gone down.


Unknown said...

Hola, Ben! Veig que també vas sortir a remullar la càmera. La veritat és que el mar estava realment espectacular i valia la pena fer-li fotos. Impressionant la de la platja de Baix a Mar de Torredembarra! Però les fotos que més m'agraden són les tres últimes per la llum.

Salutacions des de Premià de Mar!

Ben said...

Hola Joan,
Si, vaig agafar el cotxe per veure un quants platjes. Com tu dius el mar estava espectacular, furios com mai ho havia vist venint del sur. Com a totes les platjes on no hi han dunes la platja de la Baix a Mar de Torredembarra pateix molt, als carrer es omplen de sorra i alges, de seguida el poble agafa un ambient de fi del mon, pero pluvia molt i no podia fer més fotos.