Thursday 18 January 2007

The belt-sander with no name

I’d like to welcome a new member to the Light Trow construction team. A belt-sander— one of the most useful and indispensable tools in the boat-builder’s quiver.

So pleased was I, anticipating the possibilities that this tool will open-up, that I toyed with the idea of naming it… Bertram the belt sander, Basil, Brian... Bottomley. Sandy?

I meet people who refer to their vehicles by name, “Charles’ MOT’s coming up I think we better get his tyres changed.” The names seem so apt. What a colourful, peopled world these folk live in. I’ve tried to have cars with names but after uncomfortably uttering, “Derek’s making strange noises.” For a few days I desist. My cars always end up being called “the car” or, when the strange noises have resulted in a large garage bill “the f-ing car”.

No, I’m not a name-giver, I can’t think of an internet moniker for myself and I probably wouldn’t have named the children if it hadn’t been a joint effort.

This mean, green, machine loaded with a 60 grit belt, ready to take the edges off any inflated egos, shall remain the belt-sander-with-no-name.

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