Tuesday 24 May 2011

‘If I’m well enough to walk I’m well enough to row’

Giacomo De Stefano, recovering from a complicated illness, wrote the above words in an email to me on arriving in England before restarting his Man on the River adventure. Giacomo’s journey is now well under way and he’s proving that despite the health struggles of the last year he can indeed row and sail.

And now, if Giacomo doesn’t mind, I’ll use that inspiring phrase as my own motto as I prepare my next trip. Though I might add to it ‘....and I’m well enough to drive a hell of a long way with OB following on a trailer.’

I’ve been looking forward to going up to Mor Bihan for the Semaine du Golfe since the darks days of last May when the future looked cloudy and I scrawled the wish down. Now that the weather has cleared I’m honoured bound to see my promises through.

The winter nights have been full of dreams of sailing in an amazing environment, the salty atmosphere, the great company and lots of oysters and wine.

I should be back in mid June with tales to tell.


Unknown said...

Que vagi molt bé per Mor Bihan, Ben. Aquella costa és preciosa i, pels vídeos que he vist, la Setmana del Golf té pinta d'estar molt bé. Ja ens ho explicaràs quan tornis.

Bon viatge i unes fantàstiques navegades.

Elena said...

Bon viatge!!!!!!!

Hakan Ericsson said...

Hello Ben, have a very nice trip. I know you will tell us all about it.

Mike Kingdom-Hockings said...

Hope you enjoyed the Semaine du Golfe. There was certainly plenty of breeze...
Mike K-H

bowsprite said...

yay! salt water is so good for the health! happy rowing!