Saturday 2 April 2011

A simple beach launch

My good friend Paco Beltrán of DosVelas Pictures has uploaded this touching video of Onawind Blue. Though it doesn’t look like a winter’s day this was filmed back in Janurary on one of those warm, calm Mediterranean days that make getting over complicated diseases a cinch.

Regular viewers might recognise Mónica Oca’s music, which first appeared in the final clip of OB’s Ibizian odyssey, ‘Fear is a Giant Octopus’. You can find more of Mónica’s deeply sensitive and moving music at her blog. She can be contacted through the comment box.

DosVelas Pictures are currently working on the film ‘In a Strange Land’, the story of Mu Hpare, a Kayan refuge who, after years of wearing brass coils around her neck, becomes part of a resettlement project in the USA. You can watch the trailer here.

I feel honoured to have a professional documentary maker focus their lens on my little boat with Mónica’s evocative music alongside.


Graham Neil said...

Hi Ben,


Keep Well,


Unknown said...

Hola, Ben!

Molt bonic, el vídeo; sobretot en HD i a tota pantalla. La música i el soroll del mar donen molta pau.

Només una petita observació: l'hauries de penjar amb unes altres proporcions, perquè només es veu la meitat de la imatge i és una pena.

L'he penjat al mur del grup "Slow Sailing - Navegació Tranquil·la" del Facebook per compartir-lo amb tota la gent del grup.

Una abraçada!

doryman said...
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doryman said...

Let's try again!

Joan, I solved the viewing problem by enlarging to a full screen option - very satisfying - this video is worth a large screen.

And Ben, I see your sense of poetry has been enhanced by your brush with the other side. I would not be surprised to hear you had dissolved into pure white light; such is your wisdom and your vision.

The trailer about the Kayan refugees is very disturbing. How much more powerful must the movie be?


Gavin Atkin said...

Lovely dreamy stuff, and such atmospheric music!

Ben said...

Thanks for the comments folks, Sorry about the half video problem, I think if you click on the Onawind Vimeo HD bit rather than the play button you can see the clip on the youtube page, full size.

Joan, merci per penjar-ho en allò de slow sailing. Ara que estic de nou a casa i recuperant-me a veure si podem quedar per fer slow sailing junts.
Una abraçada.

Michael, Were that I were so enlightened, but for the moment my footprints still show in the sand. Lovely to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Hola Ben,

no sé si el coneixes,
però penso que és la teva mateixa filosofia de navegació.

Podries comparar l'OB amb el Skerry Expedition.

Amb quin et quedes ?!

Adéu !