Sunday 8 August 2010

Pulling for Ben

The amount of support I’ve had during this illness has been overwhelming. Not only all the cheering comments from you lot out there (thank you so much, it really has made a difference) but also, now I’m out of hospital, the encouragement of local people as well. All those neighbours that, at times, might have been irritated or perplexed by OB’s presence in the garden have touchingly demonstrated their affection.

But one of the most emotional moments came when the rowing team, rather than do their usual training session, rowed up from the harbour and landed on the beach in front of my house.

There have been several moments during my 22 years in Catalonia when I’ve found myself lucky enough to be welcomed into the heart of Catalan culture and this was clearly one of them. Most of the team are fishermen or from fishing families and they have known each other since they were children. I mentioned to one that as a foreigner I felt fortunate in being admitted into what, it has to be said, is a tightly closed circle. He responded that I wasn’t a foreigner; I was a man of the sea, just like them.

I still haven’t wiped the satisfied smile off my face.


Dale said...


What a gesture of solidarity and companionship your crew have done you.

I figure that all of us reading your blog are connected across the sea, and although distant both in time and globe, our waters join yours. I too salute you from afar.

I can recall laughing so hard at your last post about rowing training and the destination that evening. "Rowing to the Brothel" I'm sure your mates would have been proud to return home and relate a destination of honour this time!

Unknown said...

Hola, Ben!

Ens alegra moltissim saber que ets a casa, davant del teu mar estimat, que segur que et transmet tota la seva energia.

Des de la vora nord-americana d'aquest mar que ens uneix a tots els navegants i que ens fa sentir a prou teu, t'enviem molts records i una abrasada molt forta.

Marta i Joan.

doryman said...

If you are feeling well enough to write, that's good. And if you write, you'll feel better.

Good to hear from you!


mytober said...

Friendship and laughing is the best medicine,
become well and always
the best to you


Giacomo De Stefano said...

Bene Ben!

Gavin Atkin said...

Having a few good folks on your side makes all the difference. I hope they visit again soon!

Unknown said...

fucking brilliant. makes me want to cry. nice one Ben.

all the best.


Graeme said...

Well, here's to a break in your weather it's hoped. Well wishes, man of the sea. May your health too, like your blog, like your boat as on the wide sea, be bouyant.

bowsprite said...

"...I was a man of the sea, just like them."

it could not be said more simply or beautifully. So happy to read your words!