Sunday 7 March 2010

Dents, dings and voids

Gouges caused by stones in the sand are acceptable wear for a beach boat. The dings caused by the trolley are less justifiable. I’ve read about the value of a suitable trailer and a decent boat cover and really it seems ironic that OB sustains more damage on land than at sea. The trailer and cover have long been on unwritten lists but…

trailer damage

Poking at a hairline crack I uncovered a void in the plywood. Following it back the ply opened up alarmingly right across the lower chine. Other cracks inside the boat revealed equally dramatic voids and I found myself worrying about the ultimate longevity of OB while cursing Mr Mushroom and his exterior grade ply.
a void
Later on I saw Mr M and found it impossible to maintain my indignation in the light of his enthusiasm for my boating adventures. He explained that OB’s photo hangs in his hallway and that he tells guests how one of his customers built a boat with wood he’d sold. Bless him.

I bought some Russian pine from him, for the new oars.


doryman said...

Not to worry, Ben! My first dory, which I built 35 years ago, was made of common construction grade plywood. Not very smart. Voids have appeared nearly every year since, but the old boat has taken a beating and never leaked a drop. I simply patch the voids, paint, and on to the next year. That boat now belongs to a good friend and he cherishes her as much as I ever did. She's likely to outlive both of us!

Bursledon Blogger said...

Epoxy the scuffs, shame about the void, worst case epoxy a reinforcing patch of ply inside - can even look quite nice if you chamfer the edges nicely (like the one I put over the hole in Gato's garboard plank!!)