Monday 22 February 2010

Small boat repairs

1. Repair and paint bottom.
2. Think about drains though frames 7 and 3.
3. Repair topside dings and paint.
4. Build up the mast-through-deck rings.
5. Eliminate second mast position.
6. Think about adding cockpit coaming.
7. Strip decks and varnish.
8. Varnish spars.
9. Make longer oars.

This is the list of work to be done on Onawind Blue. I’ve whittled it down from a longer list that included more ambitious projects like making a new boat tent. I’ve retained a couple of items that I only have to think about. They might happen, they might not.

It wasn’t until I saw the videos of my Ibiza trip that I realised my oars might be a bit short. I hope to make another pair lengthening the same Pete Culler/Jim Michalak design, only this time I’ll borrow an electric plane.

I was rather daunted by the list when I first made it but after about 10 minutes working on OB I’d removed all deck gear and was ready to start sanding. This is one of the many blessing and benefits of small boats. The sailing is great, the interaction with the elements unsurpassable, and maintenance is easy and cheap. If I had the same list for a 40-foot boat, I certainly wouldn’t have the money for the material and I’m not sure where I’d find the time.


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to Shaw&Tenney oar length Formula:

Chris Partridge said...

The Shaw and Tenney formula is good but don't regard it as gospel - adjust things for your own comfort. The more comfortable you are, the better you will be able to row.
El Ibrit looks like a helluva boat, incidentally. Does it have a technical name that might appear on Google?

Dale said...

I gather from the coaming job, that the flat decks are shipping just a bit too much water?

Ben said...

I agree about the oars, I kind of know what I want despite what the formula tells me. It’s a good guideline though and my idea is not far off.

There is very little on the web about the llagut mediterrani, I’ve just spent a few minutes googling and not much came up. There are some fotos here.
I’ll see if I can get some more solid technical info for you.

Coaming might be too big a word for what I have in mind, which is really just some beading that will stop the dew trickling in when I'm sleeping.

Unknown said...

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