Monday 18 January 2010

It's a wonderful life


Unknown said...

Quina enveja, Ben!!! Quin ventet i quin dia més bonic! De quan és, aquesta sortida?

Em moro de ganes de navegar, però he de posar el "Corb Marí" a punt i no para de ploure. En fi... ja arribarà el bon temps.

Una abraçada!

Ben said...

Hola Joan!

És del dimecres pasat. En els moments de la filmació bufava garbí, jo havia sortit amb un levantet que després havia rolat al mestral. En qualsevol moment semblava que canviaria i al final es va morir just quan tornava a Creixell.

Han hagut pocs dies bons aquest mes però al menys n'he clavat un!

No estarà tan lluny el bon temps!

Una abraçada!

David said...

Hi Ben!

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful blog you have!

I've been reading all the entries for the past week and i have been inspired by your blog in many ways. I'd been thinking about building a boat for myself fro some time, and just some time ago received the plans for it. Its a simple stitch and glue design, so i hope i can come through with it and actually some day sail my home built boat.

Just one question. Was it very hard to find the plywood? Did you do it locally? I'm in Terrassa (close to BCN) so I guess i should be able to find some here....

Well, I just wanted to tell you what a kickass blog you have and I will return to it for some inspiration from time to time.


Ben said...

Yes, marine grade plywood is hard to find and very expensive. Remember there should be a stamp on the ply sheets that says it's marine grade.

I used exterior grade ply, which you should be able to get from any wood supplier. It's important that you fill any voids that you might find in exposed edges though.

Best of luck with your build. You're starting on one of life's big adventures!


Geoff_D said...

Those little lugsails certainly do the job on pushing her along.