Thursday 14 May 2009

A quiver of rudders

That new rudder blade that I made for OB is too small. It turns the boat fine and is lighter sailing off the breeze but is not big enough for going to windward.

At first I thought I’d just knock up a copy of the previous rudder, which I’d butchered to make the current one but the shape of the available ply off-cut got me thinking. It was a small piece of ply; barely big enough to create a rudder blade with sufficient surface area unless I changed the rudder shape. So I drew and cut a new blade with more surface area on the leading edge rather than the trailing edge where it had been before. I like the resulting shape. And I love the way that small boat building and owning allows you experiment in this fashion. I don’t know the exact optimum surface area for the Light Trow rudder and what I’ve made is only based on intuition.

Then I looked at another off-cut and found that I could cut something similar to the rudder that Gav originally drew. I had to lose one aft corner so it is slightly smaller than drawn but I’m keen to test it.


Gavin Atkin said...

That last rudder needs a bit of thought. First off, it can only hope to work if it's like and inverted 'T' - that is, it has a flat bit added to the bottom. I hope this is in the drawings somewhere.

Also, it'll only work if it isn't out of the water - go forward in your boat, and you may find it stops working altogether.

On the broader point, no-one knows what the size of a rudder will be.

Ben said...

It was that raising out of the water that originally put me off making this rudder.
The T piece is in the drawings, though its only now that you mention it that I remember it, and I hope to fit it soon.
As far as rudder size goes I think I'm getting nearer.

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