Sunday, 14 December 2008

More on the Currach

Narcis Fors of Belone, builder of skin on frame kayaks, has sent me some better photos of the Catalan currach. He says that the currach rows very well and that like all skin on frame craft the flexibility of the hull absorbs and dissipates the force of waves that might break violently against a stiffer vessel.

While I was building the Jim Michlak/Pete Culler oars for OB many of the folk that used to stroll through the Invisible Workshop giving advice told me that my oars would be too narrow, that, if my boat floated, I would need wider blades to get anywhere under oars. However, being familiar with currachs and their blade-less oars I felt justified in ignoring their pearls of wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Love the blog - thank you! Any chance you could change the settings so an entire post - not just the intro - can be read in a newsreader?

Ben said...

I'm afraid I barely have the know-how to post an entry, but if you leave instructions I can try to follow them.