Tuesday 5 August 2008

Off we go again

The idea is to sail north. I have seven days and would like to cover as much of the coast beyond Barcelona as a week allows. Being August, the waters will be teaming with motor craft and the anchorages will be chocker, the winds will be light, probably too light except if the Tramuntana (the French mistral) blows in which case they’ll be far too strong. So I’ll be sailing with an open mind, ready to change plans to fit the conditions—those that put to sea in small row sailing boats have no other option. The important thing is to get going. Get on the water and sail, sail, sail.


Anonymous said...

I'm very envious of the solitude you enjoy out at sea. It's hot and crowded here and we were due to set off in the camper yesterday - but a leaking fuel tank (long story) has delayed our departure. Big pain in the arse because I really wanted to be away from alicante and meandering quietly north to the pyrennees and cooler weather. Now however, we will leave next monday or tuesday and have to drive much more quickly and take the coast road to France.
Well, so it goes... Anyway, we might pass by your place maybe next monday or tuesday for an overnight stop - if you're around. If not then we'll try and catch you on the way back.
Enjoy your sailing trip :)

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