Thursday 5 June 2008

Mr Mushroom’s photo

Some time ago Mr M requested a photo of OB and Mr Grill has also asked for a shot of the sails to put on the wall of his new loft. I’d like a really good image of my boat as well, so my good friend and shipmate Pep came round with his camera and I dumped him in a dinghy tied to a buoy while I sailed in slow circles around him.

The weather wasn’t perfect, I’d have liked more wind and sun but the results are quite good none the less.

If everything goes according to plan OB and I will be leaving early Sunday morning for a cruise down to the Ebro Delta 50 miles southwest. Expect a blow by blow account when I get back.

Ver mapa más grande


Anonymous said...

Good luck to you fella - have a great trip. I'll be thinking of you and will look for your story some time next week.


pep said...

Very nice pics! Congratulations, Gavin! Very fine boat! Ben, I'll be visiting my son at Mas de Barberans next Sunday and Monday, if you are down there I'll call at your cell to see OB, right?

Ben said...

Thanks Gav.

Pep, if that's Sunday Monday 16th-17th, then by all means call.

Anonymous said...

You safe home Ben?


Ben said...

I postponed at the last minute on Sunday morning due to an unfavourable forecast (why do it in the rain). Also my daughter’s ballet show was looming and I couldn’t risk not getting back for it.
After some dexterous juggling of plans I’ll be taking off this Sunday or Monday, the weather should have settled and the plan is to make cape Salou for the first night, and then take three or four days, leisurely exploring as far as L’Ametella de Mar, then hop across to the tip of the Ebro delta. And from there, given that the prevailing winds are favourable, get back home as quickly as possible.

Anonymous said...

That's fine - the silence when I thought you might have left and not returned was starting to worry me ;-)

Ga v

Guy AJ Capra (Alomphega) said...

Just few words to say good luck for the journey, and to thank you for the experiments !