Thursday, 20 March 2008

Cape Salou 5. Home

Up early I checked the sea state and, seeing that the waves had significantly diminished, loaded the oars, anchor, life jacket etc. into the car and drove round to the small beach where OB had spent a lonely night.

I found her safe under her tarp, unlocked the padlock and quickly prepared her for the row home. I was pleased that I still had the tail end of my adventure left to live and savoured every long stroke.

The breeze, that had been light and offshore, turned southerly and strengthened. Yet again I was rowing against wind and sea. But the sun shone, light danced over the water and life was good. I pulled the mile and half home and judging my moment carefully rowed on to the sand without mishap.

We were home without harm to either boat or sailor. We had sailed 46.5 nautical miles (168 miles so far this year), spent 16 hours moving at an average of 3 knots and hit a top speed of 9.2kts. Onawind Blue had behaved impeccably proving her worthiness as a small cruiser and earning my highest regard.

The wind strengthened during the day and half the regatta boats that left Torredembarra that morning to race down the coast to the town of Cambrils retired when they met a force 7 Mestral at cape Salou. OB had poked her nose round the cape and nipped back in the nick of time.

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