Monday 17 September 2007

Everybody loves Onawind blue

At last OB and I have the beach to ourselves. Gone are the suicidal bathers that swam in the navigation channel, gone are the sunbathers that would use Onawind blue as a convenient backrest or table for their drinks, gone are the children who found it such fun to fill the boat with sand. Alone at last we no longer have to respect the areas designated to bathers and can launch from where ever we like, sail close to the beach and anchor in shallow water.

Calm weather has followed a few days of persistent easterlies, which, at their peak, reached 25 knots and kicked up great rolling seas. (I went windsurfing on my wave board and skittered over waves so large and menacing that just their whitecaps would have rolled Onawind blue. My stomach dropped at the thought of ever being in a small boat in such a blow.) And in these calm conditions I’ve at last managed to get some OB shots that are close-up, clear and not forced into fuzziness by the straining zoom.

And despite the migration of summer crowds back to the cities, compliments continue to rain down upon us. And why not—just look at those lines!


Gaff Horse said...

That certainly is a thing of great beauty...

Anonymous said...

Hi Gaff, I hope you can get to see her close up in her over the autumn.