Saturday 14 April 2007

Things to do

I was just about to jot down the following list in my note book under the heading, 'things-still-to-be-done' when I thought I might as well post it here.

1. Install the main and mizzen masts’ steps.

2. Install the upper inwales.

3. Fit the main and mizzen mast partners.

4. Complete and fit thwarts.

5. Turn hull, sand and apply fairing compound.

6. Turn hull upright again, sand and paint the interior. (As many coats as I can manage)

7. Turn hull, sand exterior, mark the waterline and then paint. (Probably more coats than I can manage)

8. Turn hull again, then mark out the decks on plywood using the boat shape as a stencil.

9. Cut out the decks and the holes for the masts.

10. Butt join the side decks to foredeck and sternsheets.

11. Install foam buoyancy fore and aft. Fit decks, drill holes for oarlocks and maybe holes for boat tent ribs. (I’m still undecided on which style of boat tent to choose.)

12. Fit gunwales and bumpkin. (I must remember to fit the locker covers sometime after point 6 and before point 14.)

13. Varnish the decks and gunwales. (They say 10 to 12 coats for a finish like glass—I’ll see how I get on)

14. Launch! As a rowing boat.

15. Make the rudder, (I’m still thinking about that one.) the yoke and the long lath tiller.

16. Make the sails.

17. Make the yards. (Masts will be ex-windsurf for the proto rig.)

18. Rig up. Fit main and mizzen sheets and tackle, cleats, gudgeons and pintles and other bits and bobs.

19. Launch as sailing boat!

20. Have a launch party.

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