Wednesday, 27 December 2006

Measure once cut twice

I set about trying to solve the dilemma of how to put the frames together in such a way as to allow a notch for the inwales. First I made a time consuming grid for laying out the frames and measuring the angles. I think this may have been an exercise in procrastination as I was quite happy to put off making the first cut.

From the drawings (see Hello post) you can see that the wales fit exactly where the frame members join. I can’t think of a way to make an effective 3-way joint. After much faffing with halving joints, experiments with dowel joints and a metre of wasted wood I came to the conclusion that the frames will have to have a ply backing. The ply will act as a bracket and will only need to be about 10cm wide. The frame members can then be attached to the ply and the ply can be notched without weakening the frame. This will only have to be done on frames 1,3 and 7 so hopefully it won’t add too much weight.

By the end of the afternoon and still with nothing tangible done I made a blank for the bracket for frame 1. However, I failed to check the measurements before cutting and when I laid it on the grid after carefully finishing the edges I found it didn’t fit. I tried to rectify it but could tell it was a lost cause. So one way and another I had a reasonable amount of kindling for tonight’s fire.

Now I have to mark out some panels to free up the waste wood for making the brackets. This means doing the conversions from decimal inches to cm, something else I’ve been happy to put off.


Gav said...

Where ply panels meet at a frame, a ply backing is what's needed, and the frame has to be reduced to make that possible - is this what you're saying here?

I hope so!


Ben Crawshaw said...

No, it's all a bit convoluted I know. I'm refering to a backing on which to mount the frames. This will mean that the backing can be notched to take the inwale rather than having to make complex joints in the 1x1 frame lumber.I hope that makes sense.