Monday, 12 October 2009

OB's route

Three months have gone by since OB’s summer trip. Long enough to get over the feeling that sea voyages in small, open boats are the height of foolhardiness. I’m now mulling over possibilities for next year, following imaginary lines on charts, weighing pros and cons and making lists of jobs to be done on the boat. But before I get ahead of myself I’ll be posting (now that I’m back online after a record 5 months waiting for a connection) material about the not so recent voyage. To start with here are some maps showing OB’s route.

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This first passage, from the mainland to Ibiza, was the most testing as it entailed several long hours of night sailing in which we crossed a busy shipping lane and had to deal with a rudder failure.

The second was a short cruise to the neighbouring island of Formentera to test the new rudder.

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Dale said...

Good to see you posting again. I'm looking forward to reading more on you last trip. Got a book in the works yet? ;-)

chris said...

Good to see you back. I'd been wondering what was happening.

Gavin Atkin said...

I trust you're doing well Ben!

I'm with Dale and Chris - it's great to see you back online.


Thomas Armstrong said...

Welcome back, you've been missed!

Ben said...

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.