Sunday, 5 July 2009

The story in photos

Leaving home.
Sausage and cheese. Anchored off the north of Cabo de la Nao a few hours before leaving the Spanish mainland.
Somewhere in the middle of a big blueness.

The jury rudder.
OB crests waves with habitual grace and style.
Watching paint dry.
Evening at s'Espalmador, between Ibiza and Formentera.
Landsick and running errands in Ibiza town.
On board beautiful 1929 British lifeboat (more on this boat another time) with French owner and restorer Baloo, (we 'ave ze worl's best rhum)
OB looks very small in the Columbretes.
From the sea...
to the pan. A pollock (trachurus trachuruswith garlic and almonds hits the spot .
Getting to sea in the middle of the night.
Dawn. There's no wind but the coffee's ready.
The wear and tear of many miles under oars.


Dale said...

That is one great trip.

The wear in the photo's looks like gunwale wear? Or is it just skin from your hands?

Paco said...

¡¡Eres un puto Crack!! ¿Para cuando las Canarias?

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you're back.
I called a couple of times a few days ago, but all I could hear on your outgoing message was the sound of water lapping against the gunwale.
Great that you had such a good trip.
I've just been in the UK for a week with my daughter, who wanted to visit some universities.
We stayed at my mum's, it was all cool, although not as exciting as your travels...