Saturday, 14 June 2008

Summer fun in OB

The bad weather that lead to the postponing of our trip blew through leaving the air clean and bright and we’ve been able to get on the water a few times during the week for picnics and swimming. This has been a good opportunity to confirm that no aspects of the boat’s readiness have been neglected. I think I can say that I’ve done all I can to make OB as seaworthy as possible, including taking her for a sail in another solid 20 knot blow.

Double reefed and with two up she performed very well once I’d found the correct trim and balance, even though the steep chop and underlying swell did their best to fill us with water and knock us off course. This sort of wind is fairly typical for the time of year and it is reassuring to get confirmation Of OB’s ability to handle it before we set off on a six-day trip.

We’ll be leaving on Sunday morning, hoping to reach Cap Salou, or further if the wind is favourable, by the first evening. Then we hope to make Calafat by the next evening and so have a couple of leisurely days exploring the bays and coves around l’Ametlla de Mar and then on to Riumar on the tip of the Ebro Delta and so homeward on the prevailing southerly and westerly winds.

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