Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Onawind Blue

Somehow I scrubbed my pre-launch photos of OB dressed up and pristine, so I’ve spent the afternoon cleaning out the sand and rinsing the salt off her decks and have taken a few more shots.

The thole pins were turned from oak by my step father Bob. Thanks for those Bob, I think they look great. The oars have a tendency to pop off the pins when powering along so I’ll have to remedy that. I haven’t tried the forward rowing position yet but first I have to reinforce the thole pin supports; they’re made from beech but the epoxy coated braiding on the oars is eating into them rapidly, when I think how difficult that beech was to cut I realise how hard epoxy is.

I’m pleased with the wave breaker, which despite being small does its job well without interfering with OB’s sweet lines.

We went sailing with the windsurfing rig in light airs and though decidedly under-powered she came around fine in the tack when lightly loaded. Later, with three men aboard, I had to row round the corners. Jibing was fine with that high clew and loose-footed sail. I think I nearly tipped her over by standing on the side deck but I jumped in the drink before we could find out, much to the relief of my passengers. I’m waiting for photos of that session and will post them in time.

The bench ground its axle into the dust on the way back from the beach so a launching trolley is now a priority. Coveted by Unhygenix since its inauspicious beginnings the bench has served its purpose well, but it’s looking pretty tired now and I’m sure it will be happy to go to that great workbench heaven in the sky where it won’t have to support a progressively heavier boat day in day out.

Mr Mushroom came round and used some colourful Catalan to convey his appreciation of my efforts. Mr M’s got a boat dream locked up in there somewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped making doors, windows and chipboard cupboards and turned his attentions to a little motor skiff, to get out from under Mrs Mush’s feet at the weekends. Vitalstatistix has missed all the action, he asked so many times if she’d float that it seems a pity he wasn’t there to witness how categorically she did float.

Postings will be far more sporadic now at the Invisible Workshop, work and other commitments beckon and the summer will probably see me sailing far less than I’d like to. The masts and the sails and hopefully many adventures are still to come, it’s been a pleasure to share the story so far and I’m sure that by googling Onawind Blue you’ll be able to keep up with us.


OzzyC said...

Congratulations on your impressive accomplishment. She's a lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

querido ben,
fantastico, realmenten fantastico muchacho, te felicito;
...con tu barca, jamas iremos a naufragar...
un fuerte abrazo desde bavaria,
leonardo y familia

Ben said...

Gracias Leo,
Espero veros por aqui este verano y salrémos a navegar.
Abrazos para todos