Thursday, 3 May 2007

Things to do while watching paint dry

An overcast morning was ideal for applying the second coat of primer, but the rain arrived shortly afterwards. Looking like a barrow boy transporting a white whale, I had a brisk trot with the bench and Onawind Blue to our habitual shelter under somebody’s large balcony. Though even there the slanting rain sought us out for an oblique drenching. Drying her off as the shower let up with pristine white towels purloined from Hotel Victoria, Ibiza, I could have been mistaken for a masseur of cetacean mammals.

Later, between the showers and the towelling, I made some bits from a piece of beech that I’ve had knocking about for years waiting for just such an occasion. First some supports for the oarlocks.

And then some cleats. One of the things I’ve learnt during this build is to make templates and worry out any problems with shape or design on scrap ply before moving on to the choice wood. No great shakes, but ultimately it means far less swearing in the workshop, which is good for my pocket since the children, quick to pinpoint a lucrative scheme, have introduced fines for foul language. A flurry of expletives hurled heavenwards can cost me up to 10€—nearly enough for a pot of paint. So if Onawind Blue’s going to have as many coats as she deserves I better mind my f-ing gob.

The cleats had an inauspicious start.

But cleaned up nicely.

I went on to make two pieces which will be scarfed on to the gunnels to accommodate the bow. The front end will be rounded.

More painting tomorrow, weather permiting.

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