Monday, 26 February 2007

A pause

All the pieces that make up the hull, except the deck, have been cut, checked, fitted and given a coat of epoxy. The sole, bilge chines and upper chines, the stem, main and mizzen mast steps, the sternpost, the centreboard and case, bulkheads 1,2 and 3, the intermediate frames and transom. Only one piece refuses to conform, and that’s frame 7. Frame 7 is narrower than its station on the sole, if I built the boat with this frame it would have a waspish waist. Not a positive aesthetic in a boat. I can’t find the source of the error though there undoubtedly is one. However, the source of the mistake is secondary to its solution. And to find the solution I need a clear, uninterrupted week ahead of me. Time to dry run as many times as necessary to get the lacking measurements for the frame and build a new one taking the hull shape as the template. So I’ve dismantled my Trow and stashed its long panels, wrapped in plastic, in a friend’s house, the bench has been tidied away in another and the frames and bulkheads neatly stacked out of sight.

I’ll be away working for a week and when I return this boat gets built.

Eyes on oar blades are a common feature on traditional, lateen rigged, Mediterranean fishing boats, so the Trow’s pampered oars have received two pairs to ward off prying neighbours, the Guardia Civil and other monsters of the deep.

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Andrew said...

Hello Ben,

I am enjoying your blog. You probably won't remember me. I am your dad's cousin. Your grandfather Arthur was my dad's (Malcolm's) oldest brother. We saw Tim last year & he & Doreen have been round the bay in our Moody 346. The wind in his beard!! I'm not sure when we last met but it might have been in Ambleside when your dad recognised me (but I hadn't him) in a cafe on a wet day. He had hired a yacht on Windermere so we all went for a sail. It was fun, and better than the cafe! We have just been walking in Wales and called in & had the night with Bob & your mum in Gladestry. We went over and saw Hattie & her lovely family. We have 3 sons, Ian, Paul and John. Paul has just emigrated to Australia and I have written them a little web site - - if you fancy a look. Maybe your reference to some of your work looking slightly higgledy-piggledy is a Crawshaw tendency. I can put shelves up straight but that's my lot. I was telling someone about this the other day, and he said "Your trouble is, you don't measure things properly!" Blooming cheek. My email address is Like your dad and your mum I am a retired GP. I was the family doctor in Mevagissey for about 35 years.

All best wishes - Andrew Crawshaw